Gaerne SG-10 Boots

I labored for a long time over which boots to buy. I wanted something good for trail riding that would last a long time and offer killer protection. Most importantly, I wanted something that wouldn’t break the bank. I read all kinds of reviews and product info before finally deciding to go with the Gaerne SG-10.

The closest competitor is the Alpinestars Tech-10, which is hear is a fine boot also. However it seems that most reviewers are disenchanted with the Alpinestars removable inner-bootie and they don’t seem to last as long as the Gaerne’s.

Although these babies retail for $407, I was able to find a pair on ebay for $319 including shipping. Not a bad deal.

I normally wear a 10.5 US, but I chatted with a retailer and discovered these run about .5 to 1 size large, so I went with size 10. They’re nearly a perfect fit, I would have preferred something just slightly longer, but they work. They’re a bit on the narrow side, but nothing unusual.

The construction is leather, but heavily covered by Polyurethane around the top and shin. The leather is nice and thick, so I’d imagine these would take some time to break in properly.

Gaerne has a “Razor Back Pivot System” which is supposed to ease flex fore and aft. It seems to work well, but it’s certainly stiff. As I get more rides in I expect this pivot to ease up.

The buckles are super simple, and can be adjusted while riding if needed. The boots ride pretty high on the shin like a good motocross boot is supposed to, but the buckles and velcro strap at the top accommodated my large knee guards without difficulty.

The protection seems good, and for such a large boot they still offered good feel. They don’t claim to be waterproof, but going through some good size water crossing didn’t leave any wet socks.

Considering your feet have more bones than any other part of your body, it’s wise to invest in a good set of boots for riding.

These won’t replace my Sidi Discovery boots for dual-sporting, but for single-day rides I think they’re going to work out great.

The Good:

  • Super sturdy construction
  • Doesn’t seem like too much break in time is required
  • Simple and sturdy buckles

The Bad:

  • Heavy
  • Uncertain about being waterproof

Available in White or Black, $407 retail, $319-$380 street.


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