Thor Force Knee Guards

I’m on a constant hunt for good knee guards. I know at some point I’ll bite the bullet and fork out $500 for a set of alien-looking Asterisk knee braces, but until I come up with the cash, I decided to give these Thor Force knee guards a try.The first thing I noticed with these is the size, they’re really big! Since they only come in two sizes, I went for the larger ones. I’d say they’re on the big side for me (I’m 5’10, 165 lbs.) but they still stay in place.

The construction is solid and it has the obligatory ‘floating’ kneed cap and hinged flexors on the side. The plastic is a bit flexible although still rigid, and the straps have medium weight velcro-style fasteners.

The good:

  • Full-coverage knee protection, especially on the sides.
  • Tall design, goes above the knee cap and really deep down the shins.
  • Hinged cage allowing for easy flexing
  • They don’t slip!

The bad:

  • These get hot! Not killer hot, but your knees are going to sweat.
  • Thee flexible straps are kind of a neoprene-style material, which is a bit bulky.
  • I encountered some chafing from the straps, had to loosen them up throughout the day.

I’ve had about 5 days on them so far and for the price they’re good, although these won’t quite end my quest for the perfect knee guards.

Available from $99 (street). Manfacturer: Thor Motocross

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